Hangzhou Rhinoceros Technology Co., Ltd. is the brand owner of the RHINOWALK Rhino·Walking brand, responsible for the global promotion and sales of the RHINOWALK Rhino·Walking brand.

Brand introduction: RHINOWALK was founded in 2014, focusing on the design, development and production of cycling bags. Our product designers are all cycling enthusiasts who have been cycling for many years. At the beginning of the design, they will pay more attention to the practicality of the product. Functionality, dedicated to bringing a better riding experience to riders.

Company honor: RHINOWALK brand will participate in professional bicycle exhibitions at home and abroad every year, and has its own many patents.

1. In 2016, the brand was selected by the professional bicycle platform "Bicycle Online" as a trusted brand by riders.

2. In June 2017, a 360-degree waterproof riding saddle bag was launched on Taobao crowdfunding for 30 days, with a total sales of 316,892 $, supported by 10,342 riders.

3. In October 2018, the domestic Tmall flagship store was launched;

4. At the China International Bicycle Show in May 2019, the exhibit "Bicycle Bag is also a Backpack" won the Product Innovation Award;

Sales network: After several years of market tempering, RHINOWALK's product sales network spreads all over the world, with agents in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. The dissemination through cross-border e-commerce is also deeply loved by car friends from all over the world, such as New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Malaysia, Vietnam and so on.

Brand concept: We believe that excellent design can optimize the quality of life. We focus on the functionality and quality of product design, and take design production capacity and perfect service as the core competitiveness of the company.

Brand vision: To provide professional products and one-stop services for cycling enthusiasts, and become a professional supplier leading the field of cycling bags.

RHINOWALK is willing to grow with you and open up the future!